This course is a private fellowship with a CAN Teacher (either Dr. Mandy Wintink or another CAN Teacher depending on availability) that is customized to the individual’s schedule and progress through the material. The fellowship involves access to the CAN Courses website material used to train students in the other courses. In addition, the online material is supplemented with private mentorship sessions with their designated CAN teacher, either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly for a total of 12 sessions. Students are responsible for covering all of the modules assigned on their own and then meet with their teacher to discuss their learning in their sessions. Teachers and students together determine whether the student needs to move more slowly or quickly through various material and to supplement material as needed. Students are also expected to attend professional development sessions with students from the other formats (once a month - schedule is listed here) and complete the coaching practicum (18 hours). Private students are also encouraged to attend one of the annual CAN Community weekends in Toronto (Spring) or Halifax (Fall). Yoga is also a separate online piece required as participation in this course. Textbooks are purchased separately. 


$12000 + 13% HST with Dr. Mandy Wintink

$8000 + 13% HST with another CAN Life Coaching Certification Teacher


Students meet with their teachers online with

Start Dates

Students can apply anytime and start dates are determined based on teacher availability. Applications for the private fellowship should be done via email directly to and include a cover letter explaining the rationale for wanting to do a private fellowship and the preferred teacher.