The Life Coaching Certification Course allows students to learn and develop self-awareness through the study of neuroscience, psychology, mindfulness, meditation, and yoga and then transfer that knowledge into practical tools to help guide others through a personal development journey. Students are introduced to basic principles of neuroscience and will form an understanding of how the brain works. Students will also learn about self, stress, self care, self actualization, and positive psychology. Throughout the course students learn and practice the power of the mind, positive thinking, confidence, goal setting, and mindful communication. 

The curriculum is delivered through a combination of lectures, discussions, group work, experiential learning, practicums, readings, and independent study. The program allows students to sample many awareness-based techniques and modalities including yoga and meditation in conjunction with acquiring a basic understanding of Western psychology, neuroscience, and neuropsychoidiology. This course has also been designed to encourage, foster, and facilitate a unique path of self exploration that enables students to learn important skills in order to create more meaningful, rewarding, and happy lives, whether that is done professionally with others or for personal benefit.

The course is based on a Neuropsychoidiology (NPI, (pronouced neuro-psycho-idi-ology), a philosophical and life-coaching approach developed by Dr. Mandy Wintink, PhD in neuroscience and psychology. NPI is designed to draw awareness to how our own brain and mind work, by understanding thinking, emotional, and behavioural patterns. NPI literally refers to the study (ology) of our unique (idio) brain, or nervous system, (neuro) and the mind (psyche) including behavior, thoughts, and emotions. NPI is about how neuroscience and psychology relate to the individual and also about how the individual can study his/her own brain, behaviour, mind, thoughts, and emotions. A main component of NPI is to create awareness through self-reflection and awareness-based practices like yoga and meditation. Neuroscience and Psychology are rich disciplines of knowledge generally concerning how we (humans and other animals) interact with, function in, and participate in our internal and external environment. Both disciplines offer us insights into human cognition, emotion, behaviour, and social interaction; however, they can also offer insight into the personal experience resulting in a journey of self-exploration. NPI incorporates elements of neuroscience and psychology along with ancient philosophies and practices of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation to help invoke our self knowing, selfs understanding, and self awareness.