Life Coaching is...

Life Coaching is a facilitated process that helps you reach your goals, dreams, potential, life satisfaction primarily by reducing the stress, burden, and obstacles that are standing in your way. Life coaches listen and reflect back to you often helping you see with your own eyes a new direction that is right for you. 

Life Coaching is not therapy. Life coaching is meant to be fun and a rewarding journey, but that’s not to say that it won’t involve some hard work. But the coach is their to support your journey and to offer you a space to consider your options and ideas along the way!

Life coaching through the CAN uses a coaching approach called Neuropsychoidiology, which literally means studying your own brain, mind, behaviours, thoughts, and emotions. Our coaches are trained in this approach and have studied neuroscience as well as different forms of psychology, including regular Western psychology but also components of Eastern psychologies like yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. With this training they are equipped to understand the brain and mind and to help you understand yours so you can be all that you can be. 

Life Coach Training…

A Life Coach is just a regular person who is excited and curious about you, your projects, and the life changes you are seeking. A Life Coach is resourceful and can help you figure out the direction you want to go in by asking thought-provoking questions, being a soundboard for possibilities, helping you design a plan to achieve what you want, and ultimately, holding you accountable so that you will accomplish your goals. A Life Coach partners with you in a way that is centred on your needs so your life heads in a direction that best serves you. 

A Life Coach is trained in conventional ways through coursework, textbooks, and practicums mostly as a way of learning tools to support you but a Life Coach also draws upon his/her own experiences and shares those experiences with you as a client when you seem to need a little “I hear ya!”. As a result, Life Coaching sessions are real conversations rather than therapy sessions, which many people find refreshing. Because of that, you get to know your coach too and end up feeling like you have a champion in your corner no matter what! Laughter is encouraged but so is crying, either as tears of joy or frustration or sadness. Your coach might even cry with you! 

Ultimately, working with a Life Coach should have you feeling empowered, good, and supported in your life in a way that just makes sense. And if you happen to run into your coach one day on the street you will feel proud to show him/her off as a huge advocate for your success in life!

We train our own coaches using neuroscience, psychology, mindfulness, meditation, and yoga) to help coaches understand how brains, minds, and people work. As a result, CAN Coaches can provide excellent support to clients through a variety of journeys, both in person and online! To learn more about our training course, please visit the Life Coaching Certification page.

Coaching Fees

Coaching fees are regulated by the coaches themselves but typically start around $100/hr and can go up from there. We do have free options for working with CAN Coaches for a limited number of sessions as part of our volunteer registry and also have reduced fees to work with our Coaches needing to complete their practicum hours. We also have premium services for those who want to work with our more experienced coaches.

Work with a Life Coach

To book in with a CAN Coach please visit our directory and contact the coach directly. When you email, tell them what you are interested in working on (if you know). And feel free to ask them a bit about themselves, like what types of clients they work best with, where they typically meet with clients (e.g., online or in-person), and about their rates. You can see all of our CAN Coaches at If you are having trouble, you can send us an email and we can try to match you with someone: or call (416.998.1104).

You can also sign up to work with a coaches in training who need to fulfil practicum hours now that they have completed their course work. Their rates are a bit cheaper (<$100/hr). Or you can work with coaches currently doing their course work and are working with clients for free. You can sign up for our Volunteer Client Registry to do that. Note, there is a $20 admin fee to be activated on the registration.

If you want to find out more information about coaching first just send us an email or give us a call. We're happy to chat and help you find someone right for you! 

Volunteer Client Registry

Our coaches in training need practicum hours. As a result, we offer free coaching to those who sign up to be volunteer clients. Your participation as a volunteer client rewards you with a guaranteed minimum of 3 free coaching sessions, typically beginning in January and continuing through the winter months and possibly into the summer. Space is limited so sign up early. Please note that there is a $20+HST administrative fee to register as a volunteer client. 

Sign up below and then you will be prompted to activate your registration in the PayPal centre.

Thank you for signing up on the Volunteer Life Coach Training Registry! 

Please activate your name on the registry by paying the one-time administration fee of $20+HST now:


You’ll be contacted by your coach in training to set up your first session soon after you activate your name (note, this may take a few weeks).

Your first session will be a Discovery Session. The purpose of the Discovery Session is for your coach to get to know you better by asking you questions about yourself, so that they can more effectively tailor your future sessions to your needs and goals.

This session is an addition session to the 3 coaching sessions you signed up for. While the Discovery Session is important to set a foundation, it will not be exactly like the other coaching sessions which will conclude with an action step or plan for you to follow through on between appointments. So you’ll get 4 sessions in total!

In exchange for free coaching, we will ask you to complete feedback on your coach and your coaching session. This is to help the new trainees develop their skills in coaching. 


If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to email Vanessa at