About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and support discovery and curiosity of mind, body, and brain in a way that honours individual differences and shared experiences with an ultimate goal of improving wellbeing for all.

How We Achieve Our Mission

  • We create learning opportunities in-house through our courses

  • We work within other organizations to deliver courses and coaching

  • We work one-on-one as Life Coaches

  • We offer mentorship programs

  • We train people to become Life Coaches by understanding how the mind, body, and brain work

  • We share our own personal experiences and recognize that we are all human and benefit from connecting with each other in an authentic manner

Corporate Philosophy

As a social enterprise, we are a privately owned company that applies commercial strategies to maximize cultural and social wellbeing. In other words, we are a for-profit enterprise that has a social and cultural mission. That being said, our philosophy is of giving back so the income we generate supports a modest income for the people who work for the Centre for Applied Neuroscience. We value gender, ethnic, cultural, religious, and economic diversity and work hard to make our courses and programs accessible to all people. We aim to be allies of our fellow humans and to love and respect everyone. We strive for transparency in our practices and fairness in how we interact with all people. We seek to lead by example as custodians of earth and believe that better minds, bodies, and brains are part of the ecosystem for a healthier planet. 

How We Implement our Corporate Philosophy

  • Part of the revenue we generate returns to the workers of our organization to support their livelihood of dedicated service to others. 

  • The balance of the revenue generated is used to develop and run new programs in order to keep expanding our wellbeing impact. 

  • We engage in real conversations with our clientele and potential clientele and don’t rely on automated email responses. 

  • We use an interview process for all those who take our in-house courses to ensure that our work suits the needs of a potential candidate and to ensure that tolerant, open-minded, and well-intended people with diverse experiences make-up our student body. We do not admit people who we feel would go against our philosophy or mission or those we believe would infringe upon the human rights of others.

  • We only employ CAN-trained Life Coaches who have met all of our ethics and competency standards to work one-on-one with clients

  • We are always expanding our offerings and we are always open to conversations on how we can be more accessible with what we offer.

  • We welcome conversations/concerns by people who have special needs and engage in dialogue about how to accommodate those needs.

  • We offer healthy snacks at our in-house courses, which cater to a variety of diets (e.g., GF, Vegan, DF, Nut-free when necessary etc.) to support good mind, body, and brain health.

  • We buy snacks with low/no packaging including fruits and vegetables (local when possible) and make at home what we can (e.g., dips and biscuits). 

  • We solicit regular feedback from our clients/students about their experiences and how we can better serve their needs

  • We work out of a shared working space (Centre for Social Innovation), which itself is an ambassador of good environmental, cultural, and gender practices).