The online course is 8-month course with students meeting online once a week with their class (5-8 students) and a CAN teacher for ~1.5-2 hrs (7 - 9 pm ET) to discuss the course material available on our private course website. Students are expected to complete the required lesson preparations prior to each week and to participate fully in each discussion sessions lead by their teacher. Yoga is also a separate online piece required as participation in this course. Textbooks are purchased separately. 

Students are also expected to attend professional development sessions (once a month - schedule is listed here), work with peer-coaching partners (once or twice a month), complete a coaching practicum (~1-2 hrs/month). Online students are also expected to attend the annual CAN Coaches Community Weekend in Toronto in the spring or Halifax in the fall. 


$3100 + Ontario HST (13%)


Students meet online with

Upcoming Online Courses Dates

Fall 2019 - Starting Tuesday, October 22, 2019 and going through till May 2020, with a 3-week break December 17, 24, and 31st, 2019. The Toronto Community Weekend is May 25th weekend, 2020.

Winter 2020 - TBD.