This course is designed for serious students of life - people who are interested in exploring the nature of our existence and the nature of our happiness and purpose within this existence. This course is for people who believe there is much value to self-exploration and self-discovery and who enjoy the process of becoming their best self and would like to engage in this experience among like-minded peers. This course is for people who want to learn from themselves, from the course facilitators, from their peers, from theory and practice, and from their own experiences and experimentation with life. This course is also for people who may chose to apply the concepts and tools learned within this course to other aspects of their life, which may include pursuing a life coaching practice (i.e., through the credentialing route), as a complement to their existing practice (e.g., healthcare), as continuing education (e.g., managers and HR people), or some other professional endeavour.


People who typically take this course include:

  • healthcare practitioners (e.g., naturopathic doctors, chiropractor, massage therapists, yoga teachers)
  • counsellors and mental health workers (e.g., social workers, counsellors, psychologists)
  • academics (e.g., psychology, neuroscience, anthropology, philosophy, sociology)
  • managers and HR personnel 
  • spiritual teachers & practitioners (e.g., yoga, meditation)
  • educators (e.g., school teachers, graduate students)
  • financial advisors/accountants who coach clients 
  • designers & architecture graduates working in social change and community engagement
  • people seeking continuing education credits (e.g., RMTs, RYTs, NDs, DCs, or through corporate continuing education requirements - a letter can be written by the course facilitator as required).
  • people interested in studying among like-minded people.


To see some of our past graduates who are now practicing as CAN Coaches, please visit us at www.CANCoaches.com