Mentorship Program for New Coaches

maintaining momentum


Completion of a life coaching certification course often comes with mixed feelings including excitement and enthusiasm but also overwhelm and anxiety. We want to support coaches through this process so that they can feel successful with their new direction. As a result we offer the following mentorship options to help you maintain the momentum of personal development, whether that’s in a business sense or a personal sense. Each program offers monthly mentorship meetings with a qualified mentor from the Centre for Applied Neuroscience.

Professional Development Mentorship

This path is for people who are serious about starting their life coaching business and can include accomplishing any/all of the following components:

  • Building a brand from voice/POV/Copy to logo/colors/imagery

  • Refining/solidifying value propositions (owning your value and fleshing out your product(s))

  • Building a client base including specifying a niche, assistance with attention, conversion, and retention tactics (there are lots of CRM tools and tactics)

  • Developing a web presence (i.e., websites, social media, blogging, vlogging, podcasting)

  • Money matters: Basic Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Sole Proprietor Taxes. Students will have access to a special course on accounting with this program.

  • Confidence and conquering imposter syndrome

  • Continual business model review and business plan writing, if needed.

  • For experienced coaches looking to revise, shift or expand consider:

  • Assistance in assessing what you offer and what you want to offer and how to bridge any gaps and create a plan for growth and transition

Personal Development & Continuing Education Mentorship

This path is for people who want to continue the personal development work with monthly check-ins with their coach mentor specifically around a growth point and or educational plan. People who want to pursue this path can come with either a clear goal in mind about what area of development they want support around (e.g., positivity, confidence, leadership, happiness, knowledge etc.) or be committed to personal growth for the sake of personal growth even without a clear idea in mind. The mentor will serve as a checkpoint person who offers feedback, guidance, and resources. This might appeal to the “life-long personal development learners” types. Within this option, there is also the possibility of adding on participation in the next online course to retake the life coaching course with past students.

Speaker & Writer Development Mentorship

This path is for people who specifically want to be pushed toward developing themselves as a speaker, which may include support in accomplishing any/some (probably not all!!) of the types of speakers/writers listed below. This program also comes with an online course of material:

  • Motivational speaking

  • TED-talk style lecturing

  • Workshops & classes facilitation

  • Podcasting

  • Blogging

  • Book writing


CAN has several coaches/teachers who provide excellent mentorship to help students maintain momentum. A description of our mentors can be found online on our CAN about page: Students should describe their needs and, if possible, request a mentor they think will work well with them. We will consider those needs and the expertise of the mentors and work to ensure a good match is made. At times, students may need to spend a session or two with another mentor to fulfill their needs, but a primary mentor will oversee progress. The process will be fluid and dynamic in order to provide exceptional individualized care.


  • Bootcamp (4 weekly sessions, 1 month): $400+HST

  • Half Year (6 sessions): $550+HST

  • 9 months (like having a baby, 9 sessions): $800+HST

  • Year (12 sessions): $1000+HST


Sessions typically will be monthly, but this is negotiable. For example, some people may want to work more quickly and do 6 sessions in 3 months (bi-weekly) or over a year (bi-monthly). The student and mentor should discuss this over email and begin with a set plan. Of course, the plan can be changed as needed.


Acceptance into the mentorship programs is based on mentor availability and your interests. If you are interested in more than one program, please choose the one that speaks to you the most and then provided more details in the space provided. We will do our best to accommodate people with multiple interests, as much as possible. If you are interested in this program, please email to discuss your needs and interests.