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UnstoppableMe Certification: Brain Training and Emotional Resiliency Program for Children STARTS

The UnstoppableMe Certification Program is an 8-week train-the-trainer program designed to certify people to deliver the UnstoppableMe: Brain Training and Emotional Resiliency Program for Children.

About UnstoppableMe: UnstoppableMe is a childhood brain training and emotional resiliency program designed by CAN Coach & Teacher, Jeana Conalas, to teach children (ages 6+) about their brain, mind, body, and feelings. UnstoppableMe teaches children and their caregivers mindfulness strategies, emotional regulation techniques, and ACT-based strategies to build their awareness and emotional resilience in a 6-week program. 

UnstoppableMe shows children another way through difficult emotions and thoughts; so they no longer have to feel held back by their worries. Children and caregivers learn that thoughts are only thoughts, build awareness of when we get caught up in our heads (What If? World), and practice strategies to bring themselves back to the present moment and feel more comfortable in their bodies and minds. Drawing from elements of the Zones of Regulation, Growing Up Mindful, MindUp Curriculum, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy strategies, neuroscience, and mindfulness practices, this program is designed to develop children’s awareness of their emotional states, teach actions they can take to accept or overcome how they feel, and how to apply these strategies to their everyday routines so they can reap the benefits for years to come. Parents participating in the program will develop awareness of their own emotional states as well as their children’s, learn strategies to help their children as well as themselves, develop their own mindfulness practice, and obtain resources and strategies to use at home with the whole family!

This certification program is designed for people who work with children (e.g., coaches, teachers, educators, parents, social workers, psychologists, etc.) and want to teach emotional regulation and resiliency to children and their caregivers. In the certification program, trainers learn the skills, tools, and get access to the materials needed to deliver an UnstoppableMe program for children and their caregivers. With the completion of the course you will be certified by the Centre for Applied Neuroscience to deliver the UnstoppableMe Program.

Program Cost: $650 (early bird price $600 if registered by Jan 1st)

CAN Certified Coaches: $550

Dates: January 29, Feb 5, 12, 19, 26, March 4, 11, 18

Time: Wednesdays, 7-9 pm ET

Location: Online (Zoom)

A deposit upon acceptance required to ensure a spot for this course. Space is limited.

Program Layout:

8 live online sessions and online assignments/readings in between sessions

Session 1 - Learning Program Goals and Introducing Concepts (Zones of Regulation, Neuroscience, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, etc)

Session 2 - Learning and Leading Session 1 

Session 3 - Learning and Leading Session 2

Session 4 - Learning and Leading Session 3

Session 5- Learning and Leading Session 4

Session 6- Learning and Leading Session 5

Session 7 - Learning and Leading Session 6

Session 8 - Program Preparation and Group Logistics

UnstoppableMe: Certification Program includes:

  • CAN UnstoppableMe Certification (learn all the skills, concepts, tools needed to teach UnstoppableMe)

  • Program Session Detailed Layouts with all Activities

  • Preparation Details for each Session

  • Teaching tips

  • All handouts and forms

  • Advertising materials

  • Digital copies of Program Materials (some included in required books)

  • Be part of the CAN Community! Access to ongoing support and events


This program is open to those who work with children, plan to work with children, or have children to whom they want to teach emotional resilience using the UnstoppableMe curriculum. Please email to apply in writing. Please include in the email your related credentials (if applicable), how you plan to use this training, and reasons for wanting to take the course. An interview may be required in order to be accepted into this course. Space is limited.

Book List: