CAN Community

‘Community’ is one of the most important elements of our life coaching philosophy. We believe that change is facilitated by the power of the people around us. The combination of individual work with community support is a recipe for successful personal development. As an organization, we take great pride in the people we have in our community, whether it’s the students who take our courses, the coaches we have trained, the coaches who work for us, or our staff.


CAN Community Weekend for CAN Coaches and Alumni

We celebrate our community twice yearly in the spring in Toronto and in the fall in Halifax during our CAN Community Weekends. Current life coaching trainees come together for a final weekend of training and past students are also invited back. When possible, we invite members from outside to learn about life coaching.

Halifax (Oct 4 - 6, 2019)

Toronto (May 22 - 24, 2020)