Certification through the Centre for Applied Neuroscience is available to students who complete the course successfully, pass the oral assessment, complete all practicum requirements, and demonstrate an ethical practice according to the ICF guidelines. CAN Certified Coaches also must hold a complementary undergraduate degree to receive certification.

Note: Life coaching is not a regulated profession in Canada or the US. Therefore, certification is not necessary to practice as a life coach in Canada or the US, at present. However, the training associated with becoming a professional coach is an important consideration for practicing as a life coach and for the integrity of the profession. 

Certified CAN Coach Credentials

CAN Life Coaching Certification is reserved for students who have also earned an undergraduate degree, either in a related discipline or with related experience. Under special circumstances, students who have not earned an undergraduate degree but have related experience may be considered for a training spot. If accepted, they would complete all of the same requirements as Certified CAN Coaches and pay the same fees but would earn the credentials of CAN Coach, rather than Certified CAN Coach. To know whether you qualify, please email info@canc.ca for further information. 


CAN Certification components:

The completion of the following components are required to qualify for CAN Coaching credentials (certified or non-certified).

  • full attendance and engagement in the life coaching course

  • all class assignments and homework

  • oral assessment
  • completion of in-class practicum homework
  • completion of 15 post-course practicum hours
  • practice & business mentorship sessions
  • a university degree (minimum of a bachelor's degree)


ICF Certification

CAN is not affiliated with the International Coaching Federation for Certification although at times we do provide CE credits for their coaches. Some students may seek additional certification through them and may use our training to serve as their 60 hrs of coach-specific training requirement in their portfolio path toward ICF certification: International Coaching Federation.