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Yoga and Your Brain


with Amanda Celis, RYT, CAN Coach, CAN TA & Ernie Man

How can Yoga help you deal with Stress?

Can Yoga reprogram your Brain?

If you are intrigued by the role of yoga on your brain and the nervous system, attend this workshop to learn more about:

current research on yoga and the brain/nervous system
how yoga can benefit your emotional and mental health
how you can retrain your brain with yoga
practical tools and techniques that help reduce stress and improve emotional health


Interactive workshop will include both theory and techniques throughout and will conclude with a 30-minute yoga practice that is suitable for all.*

* There are mats available for use at the studio or feel free to BYO mat.


Workshop covers:

The benefits of yoga
Overview of the nervous system
Research on yoga and the brain
How yoga changes the nervous system

Awareness versus auto-pilot
Examples of changes in the brain 
Prananyama (breathing techniques) and asanas (postures) to incorporate into self-practice or yoga classes

A 30-minute class that incorporates techniques learned

Who should attend:

Anyone interested in learning more about yoga or the nervous system
Yoga teachers who want to learn tools for working with clients with stress, anxiety and mental health issues
Mental health professionals who want to integrate yoga and breathing techniques into their work

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