Acute stress is adaptive and serve the purpose of moving us out of the way of danger quickly. It's a good thing. Chronic stress, on the other hand, is NOT good for us but unfortunately many of us suffer from it. This course is designed to teach participants about the neurobiological and psychological nature of stress, offer specific stress-reduction techniques, and empower people to take control of their mental and physical health.


  • The Neuroscience of the Stress Response

  • The Psychology of StressIntroduction to Mindfulness as a Stress Reduction Technique

  • Other Relaxation Techniques (e.g., neuromuscular relaxation, visualization) (only available in 1 day course)

  • Personal Stress Reduction Plans (only available in 1-day course)

  • Yoga (optional for the 1-day course only)


The goal is to provide participants with a sound understanding of what stress is, when it's bad, and how to reduce it.


  • Increased success and greater number of accomplishments

  • Stress reduction & reduced absenteeism

  • Increase in happiness and wellbeing