Life is a Mirror

I fully believe in the philosophy that those around us serve as mirrors, reflecting back what we like and dislike about ourselves. Recently, I attended the Canadian Positive Psychology Association conference. The meeting was filled with 400 people, many of whom clearly brought a sense of wellbeing, grace, humility, and love. For me, it was a perfect balance of science, applied knowledge, passion, curiosity, openness, and heart — each element (and person) reflecting back to me virtues I strive for and adore in myself.

I am light.

Then, not long after I was confronted with some unfortunate negativity. People failing to see the good in others. People disrespecting others. People talking down upon others. People being intolerant and incapable of offering compassion. Actually, those are all nice ways of saying it. At the time, it just felt like a lot of bullshit, over-dramatic crap that I did NOT want to hear about. Yet, I got consumed and drawn in feeling compelled to participated yet helpless just the same. 

Another reflection, this time not of my love and openness but a reflection of my own negativity.  I saw myself and my language shift from love to hate, heart to head, we to me, soulful spirits to shitty-ass people, and from light to dark. 

I am dark.

Two sides of me. One I strive for. One of strive against.  Mirrors all around me. Every one of you reflects back to me what I love, hate, ignore, improve, avoid, seek, appreciate, can’t tolerate, see, am blind to… Every one of you and your actions reflects back to me everything in myself, whether I like or not. 

And I to you.