Group Facilitation Course (Level 2 Course)

This course are only available to those who have complete the general course. 

Sept 21 - 22, 2019 

This course is as an opportunity to develop important group facilitation and public speaking skills using applied social neuroscience and psychology. Social neuroscience is the neuroscience of how we exist and behave in relation to others, including in groups. This course will use a neuroscience lens to cover topics like storytelling & experience-sharing, inclusiveness & community building, trust, motivation and inspiration, oral and visual communication skills, and anxiety in public speaking. The course is divided into 3 main components: The first focusses on facilitating the experience for the audience and will include skills in creating an atmosphere of inclusion, community, and trust using ice breakers and modelling openness and non-judgment. The second component focusses on the essentials of public speaking, including how to 1) design a presentation, 2) be motivating, inspiring, engaging, and entertaining as a speaker, 3) communicate with effective and memorable slides and body language, and 4) manage arousal levels and anxiety around public speaking. The third component is the practicum, which includes homework of creating, delivering, and recording a workshop/talk to at least 10 participants and submitting the video for review by a CAN trainer.