We’re taught, formally and informally, to avoid failure at all costs, but that goes beyond our biological drive to use failure to better our future outcomes. This session aims to reconcile the fallacy of failure by creating both a theoretical and experiential context for moving toward, rather than away from, failure in order to ultimately succeed. In this session, you will learn about the neuroscience of failure including why failure feels so uncomfortable (psychologically and physically), why we fear failure, and how failure is actually used by the brain to adjust for the future and promote success. You will we learn how to sit in the mentally and physically uncomfortable space of failure and learn to choose more desired and productive reactions to ultimately set ourselves up to succeed.


The goal of this workshop is to teach participants principles of neuroscience that they can apply directly in their own lives at work and at home in order to be more successful and achieve more out of their days and work.


  • How The Brain Is Wired to Learn From Failures

  • Physical Sensations Associated with Failure

  • Reframing Failure for Action Planning & Success

  • Learning From Mistakes


  • Increased success and greater number of accomplishments

  • Stress reduction & reduced absenteeism

  • Increase in happiness and wellbeing