• Recommended as 1-Day Session, also available as a half-day or 1-hr lunch 'n learn




Mindfulness is the act of paying attention to the present moment as it is. Developing the skill of mindfulness allows a person to become very disciplined in his or her attention, being able to focus for long periods of time, avoid distractions, and ultimate work very productively and efficiently. 

Mindfulness has a long history of existence within Eastern Psychology. The goal of mindfulness is not to make someone better at work. In fact, developing mindfulness comes with a host of other mind, body, and spirit benefits. But the practice of mindfulness is, in itself, effective in teaching people the art of focus. 

Introducing mindfulness in the workplace can provide a whole host of transferable benefits, not the least of which is heightened focus, attention, efficiency, and productivity. 


The goal of this course is to introduce participants to the practice of mindfulness for its many physical and mental benefits.


  • Introduction to mindfulness (theory & practice)
  • The neuroscience of mindfulness (only available in the 1 day or half-day course).


  • Improved focus & attention
  • Improved productivity & efficiency
  • Improved physical and mental health


Add on: the best way to ensure sustainable stress reduction is to engage in regular practice. CAN has several mindfulness and yoga instructors who offer weekly classes in the workplace. Special rates of $100/week apply for multiple bookings.