The brain, the governing agent of the nervous system, is at the core of how our entire body and mind function and is the source of how we well we work. We can apply this neuroscience knowledge in our lives and at work in order to live and work better. This is designed to educate people about how the brain works, the nature of stress and resilience, and brain health and wellness. 


  • How the Brain & Mind Works

  • Stress, Resilience, & Relaxation

  • Changing the Brain: Positive Thinking & Optimism

  • Brain Health & Wellness Plans


  • The goal of this course is to teach participants principles of neuroscience that they can apply directly in their own lives at work and at home in order to reduce stress, promote optimal brain functioning, and guide overall wellness.


    • increased productivity, focus, and engagement

    • stress reduction & reduced absenteeism

    • overall increase in happiness