About Us and Our People

Our mission at the Centre for Applied Neuroscience is to help you Know Your Brain by inspiring curiosity, educating, and making neuroscience accessible, useful, and applicable to you in all aspects of your life and work.

In pursuit of this mission, we apply, share, translate, and create knowledge through our coaching services, courses, public library, and research program.

We have many amazing people working hard to bring all of this to you.


Mandy Wintink, PhD & CEO

We were founded in 2010 by our current CEO, Dr. Mandy Wintink. Mandy earned a PhD in Neuroscience and Psychology from Dalhousie University in 2005 and after several years of her own private coaching practice within a health clinic in Halifax, she moved to Toronto and launched the Centre for Applied Neuroscience. The vision was have a collective of excellent neuroscience people all focussed on applying what they know to help people achieve success, happiness, and wellness in their lives, work, and even at play. 

Allison McDonald

Allison McDonald, CAN Coach Associate Director & Assistant Teacher  

Allison completed her NPI Life Coach Training in 2010 in Halifax. Her role at CAN is part of the executive team as the Associate Director of the CAN, Head Teaching Assistant for the Life Coaching Course, and Technical Savvest for all things online. Allison is also involved in curriculum development for the coach training program. Separate from CAN, Allison runs her own coaching practice, Allspire, and has a unique flavour for creativity, visual coaching, and online coaching.

Annie Bowker, Assistant Teacher

Annie, a psychology university graduate, Registered Yoga Teacher, and a graduate from the NPI Course in 2012. She is currently registered in the Coach-in-Training (CIT) Program and during her mentorship is serving as a Teaching Assistant for the NPI Toronto Life Coaching Course starting in January, 2013.


Knowledge Translation Bloggers

CAN has several knowledge translators who read, review, and write about relevant scientific studies for public interest and application. 



Amanda has a Masters of Science in Clinical and Health Psychology and is also a Certified Yoga Teacher. She also completed the NPI Course in 2014 and is registered in the Coach-in-Training Program. She currently works at CAN as a Knowledge Translator & Blogger, focussing on Yoga and Neuroscience. 

Candice Dwyer, Research Coordinator

Candice is a recent psychology and political science graduate from the University of Western Ontario (B.A. Honours) and graduated from the NPI Life Coaching Course (2013). She is currently heading the research project that is seeking to scientifically validate the impact of the life coaching course on students’ life satisfaction, qualify of life, mindfulness, strengths, and general wellness.


Qian Tian, Marketing and Community Outreach

Qian joined CAN in the spring of 2014 as the Marketing and Outreach Coordinator. She is well equipped for this role with her solid background in business from the University of Toronto, her energetic enthusiasm for events, and her sincere interest in neuroscience and psychology. Qian is a passionate leader, an influential and proactive team player, and is motivated to add value.

Ben Diplock, Business Relations

Ben is a recent graduate of the Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour Program (B.Sc.) at McMaster University. In this time, Ben has acquired an extensive neuroscience-based research background, has become passionate about helping connect people to resources, and carries with him an undying curiosity for positive psychology and all that encompasses it. His work with CAN is primarily concerned with business relationships and helping workplaces access the resources available through CAN.